Work in Progress

One of the things I have been working on lately…this blanket is using Red Heart Buff Fleck yarn. A solid would probably show the texture changes more clearly, but I am liking the flecks. (being fancy trying out a drop cap)


African Flower Dishcloth

When I want to work on and try out a kind of square or stitch, turning it into a dishcloth means I get something I can use for my efforts. No written pattern for this one as I just made a chart for a record of how I did my African Flower. I used cotton yarn and a G hook.

If you would like a hanging loop, increase the number of chains in one of the corners.

Image of an African Flower granny square dishcloth
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Juxtaposition Granny Square Dishcloth

A combination of granny squares styles in one square. Would make an interesting throw with lots of possibilities.

Round 1

In a sliding ring (or ch4, slpst to make a ring)
Ch 3 (counts as the first dc), 2dc, ch3.
[3 dc, ch3] 3 times.
Close loop. Slpst to top ch of beginning ch3.

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Granny Square Hearts ♥

Seems like a good time to repost my Granny Square Hearts pattern. They would make nice decorations on a gift, or mason jar full of goodie, or as appliques, the large one could be a coaster.

The beginning is slightly different for each heart.  Quick to make up for Valentine’s Day in one or more colors.


and a closer look, the pattern and diagrams are below…

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Mitered Granny Square v2.1

My current work in progress. I have been thinking about a new mitered blanket for some time.  I was inspired by some vintage ones I had seen where each motif abutted the others without a border around.  I liked the look of that.  I tried making them in single or double crochet rows same as the ones I had seen, but didn’t hit on anything that really satisfied me. Every now and then I would see another on the web somewhere and I would want to make one again.

I ended up with a variation of my mitered granny square. I did some tweaking of the pattern so it worked more neatly, which is needed since I won’t have the border around each square to hide any untidiness. I like the results!


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