African Flower Dishcloth

When I want to work on and try out a kind of square or stitch, turning it into a dishcloth means I get something I can use for my efforts. No written pattern for this one as I just made a chart for a record of how I did my African Flower. I used cotton yarn and a G hook.

If you would like a hanging loop, increase the number of chains in one of the corners.

Image of an African Flower granny square dishcloth
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Juxtaposition Granny Square Dishcloth

A combination of granny squares styles in one square. Would make an interesting throw with lots of possibilities.

Round 1

In a sliding ring (or ch4, slpst to make a ring)
Ch 3 (counts as the first dc), 2dc, ch3.
[3 dc, ch3] 3 times.
Close loop. Slpst to top ch of beginning ch3.

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Bright and Delightful Dishcloths

I so love these diamond dishcloths!  I made some up to give as gifts, and thought of this design with bright colored stripes and a different color for the hanging part.  I think I will have to make up some like these for myself too…


So many stripe variations are possible….festive holiday colors could be nice too, but these bright colors are going to be hard to beat for adding cheer!


Delightful Diamond Dishcloths

I had seen dishcloths and potholders like these before, there are quite a few variations of this general pattern.  Some are sc, some dc, the vintage potholders are often double thick (I will be making some of those soon!).  I think the general pattern has been around for some time, it is simple, easy to remember and practical.  The ones by Apple Blossom Dreams (it was a free pattern when I made these, now it is only available for purchase) really caught my eye, they were so pretty and colorful that I just had to make some of my own.


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Zinnia Dishcloth

Yes, I am still dishcloth obsessed!  Once I started making and using cotton dishcloths, I don’t want to use anything else.

I love this one, the Sugar ‘n Cream Zinnia Dishcloth (you have join and log in to view the patterns, but joining is free).  It has the vintage feel I love, especially when done in my favorite colors.  It would also make a nice hot pad or potholder, all the popcorn stitches make it pretty thick.


Pretty Petals Potholder

I really love vintage patterns!  I don’t remember how I found this pattern on the web, but I am glad I did.  It is called Pretty Petals Potholder and was published in 1946, perfect for my kitchen.  It does make a very nice potholder.  I used my Handicrafter Cotton again to make it.  I know I have seen stunning pillows or cushions on other blogs with a similar pattern, so I just had to join in the fun.  I am very tempted to make this into chair pads, I think it would work nicely for that.

Here is a better view…pretty and practical!  I will be making more of these.

Loopy Ruffle Dishcloth

I ♥ my ceramic chicken!

This basic stitch, from a Bernat pattern (you have to join to view and download the patterns, but it is free to join) I think is one of my favorite stitches for dishcloths.  I have seen it called a Linen stitch, Woven stitch and Moss stitch. Wonderfully functional with a nice texture, fast and easy as pie.  The pattern is fabulous just as it is.

I prefer to work in squares, it gives you an edge that is the same on all sides if you don’t want to do an edging and it naturally comes out square.  So, I worked out how to do the stitch in squares.

They are very nice plain, with a longer loop in one of the corners for a hanging loop, but I decided to add an edging.  I made these with 11 rounds, then the ruffle edging is 2 rounds, one in the stitch and then one of the ruffle.  The ruffle is super easy, ch4, sc.  Ch4, sc, over and over again. For a hanging loop, ch8 for the center loop of one of the corners instead of ch4

A sample size diagram of the in the round pattern, just add how many rounds you would like.

The only bit that is a little different and needs some explanation, is the start of each round.  The ending is as usual, slpst to the top of the sc.  Then I slip stitch into the corner ch3 space, and instead of doing a ch1 to get the height for the sc, I pull up the loop of the slpst a little so I have the proper height, and used that instead of the ch1.  It made the start of the round less obvious without the extra thickness you get with the ch1.  You can do it with the usual ch1 if you prefer.

I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Country Yellow, Country Red, Robins Egg and White, with a size E (3.5mm) hook.  I love the colors, fun, vintage-y and festive!  Maybe I will like washing up dishes more with pretty dishcloths (well, can’t make me like it worse, and maybe I will think crochet thoughts while doing them, which can only be good : )

Pretty as a Picture Dishcloth

Use any beautiful flower granny square and then frame it with what I am calling Picture Frame edging, because it reminds me of victorian picture frames.  All made in Bernat Handicrafter cotton and a size E-4 3.50mm h0ok.

I used these very lovely flower granny square patterns for the centers.  I used a sliding loop to start all of them, only tightening the loop enough so the stitches fit perfectly.

still in need of photography skills!

A diagram for how I did the border…

Maybe these are too pretty to use!

Daisy Dishcloth

I love cotton dishcloths, I use them a lot since I travel back in time to 1950 every time I walk into my kitchen.  The only dishwasher able to pass through the time warp is me.

I love this Daisy Granny Square pattern @ Bunny Mummy.  I used that to make this dishcloth, changing it slightly by using a magic ring and making 3dc clusters instead of 4dc clusters and doing just one round of Robins egg around the flower.


I joined them as I went, then did one round of sc around the 4 squares in the Robins Egg, with 2sc, ch1,2sc in each corner.  The red edging is sc, sc, ch3 dropped picot (ch3, drop the loop off the hook, insert hook into front loop of the sc, pick up the loop and slpst), all around, with a ch8 instead of a picot in one corner to make a loop.

Since I bought some Bernat Handicrafter cotton in my favorite colors to make dishcloths, I now have enough yarn to make far more dishcloths than I will ever need, that yarn comes in huge skeins!  I suspect there will be more posts about dishcloths in the future, maybe in 1951 or thereabouts.