Pretty as a Picture Dishcloth

Use any beautiful flower granny square and then frame it with what I am calling Picture Frame edging, because it reminds me of victorian picture frames.  All made in Bernat Handicrafter cotton and a size E-4 3.50mm h0ok.

I used these very lovely flower granny square patterns for the centers.  I used a sliding loop to start all of them, only tightening the loop enough so the stitches fit perfectly.

still in need of photography skills!

A diagram for how I did the border…

Maybe these are too pretty to use!

2 thoughts on “Pretty as a Picture Dishcloth

  1. I think sliding and magic loop are probably the same.Love all your retro dishcloths. Love the zinnia. The round flowers in the granny frame ,along with my flowery chicken getting worked on real soon. I’m in NC, and the flowers and lots of buds are all around. They remind me of them.


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