Small Solid Granny Squares

I have admired crochet blankets made up of many small squares for as long as I can remember.  I love the quilt-ness of them, and the thrifty using up of what is left over from other projects.  The wonderful many colors they contain.

It also seems a bit overwhelming with so, so many little squares.  So, so many weaving in of the ends (my least favorite part).  But, I have decided to take the plunge just the same!  I have quite a bit of leftover yarn I can use up, and perhaps I will buy a few additional colors to add into the mix.  I want to keep it to earthy colors so the throw will match my brown furniture.

Crochet Solid Granny Squares

These little squares are about 2 3/4 inches each, just two rounds of a basic solid granny square done with worsted weight (medium weight 4) yarn and an H hook.  Each one only takes me about 7 minutes to do up, including weaving in the starting tail.  They begin to add up quickly, so satisfying to finish one and add another to the rest.

I am thinking the throw will be about 16 by 20 squares (320 squares), although that may change as it is assembled depending on what I decide to do with the border, it may need to be bigger than that.  A voice in my head whispers (the voice can do math)… the ends, all those ends to weave!  Two ends for each and every one of those many, many squares!  Shhh, shhh, I will weave in the beginning ends as I go, so the weaving of the ends will be half done!

I was also thinking, if I get involved in other projects, that if I could commit to making just one little, teeny square a day that I would be snuggling up under this new, colorful blanket at this time next year, because it would be done!  I would have all the squares I need!  (shhh, little voice, remember half of the ends weaving will be done in advance!)

Crochet SolidsGrannysSquare

Small Solid Granny Square Pattern

Round 1
In a sliding ring (or you could ch4 and slpst to make a ring instead).

  • Ch4 (one ch to secure the ring, and ch3 that counts as the first dc).
  • 2dc in ring, ch3. [3dc in ring, ch3] 3 times.
  • Close the loop, slpst to top ch of the beginning ch3, going through 2 loops of the ch. Do not end off.

Round 2

  • Ch3, dc in the top of the next 2 sts.
  • [2dc, ch3, 2dc in the ch3 space. Dc in the top of the next 3 sts] 3x.
  • 2dc, ch3, 2dc in the last ch3 space. Slpst to the top ch of the beginning ch3.
  • End off, leaving a long enough tail for sewing the square to two sides of another and weaving in the end (I leave about 16 – 18 inches).
  • Weave in the beginning end of the square.

And a diagram of the square, so much easier than reading directions!



22 thoughts on “Small Solid Granny Squares

  1. I love your site! Thanks for the great tutorials…someone on Repeat Crafter Me Crochet posted a link to your mitered granny square blanket…


    1. I hadn’t seen that one yet, nice design. I am sure there are other designs similar to mine out there – I doubt I was the first person to make a granny square like that, and won’t be the last! For my diagrams, I use Xara Photo and Graphic Designer


  2. I have seen this pattern only with 4 trebles at the beginning and it was joined as you go (or went, LOL) at each corner. I was thinking of trying it and couldn’t find a pattern until I put a search on and found yours. I do know how to do these squares but like a bit of confirmation by looking at other peoples’ way of doing things. I’m not wondering about joining as you go because there would be a lot of gaps. I may just do what you have said and use the yarn ends. Thank you.


  3. Hi I was wondering if you had instructions for how you use the tail ends to join your squares together. I’ve started a project using your pattern but am drawing a blank on how to use the tails to join them together. I’d love to avoid having to use another color to pull them together. Thank you by the way for this super simple little square. I love it!


      1. I would leave a tail at least 3 x as long as one side of the square. hopefully that will give you enough to join


    1. I don’t seem to have a list. All of the yarn is Michaels Loops and Thread, so if they are all still available you should be able to find them.


  4. These are the cutest. Gosh I wish I could sit next to you and learn…no one in my family crochets or knits so I’m on my own. I’m a beginner too and your diagram kinda helps me see the pattern as I’m just learning the lingo. Sure wish you had someway to video and post them.


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