I learned to crochet long, long ago, in a galaxy in the local area. I think a neighbor’s grandmother introduced me.  I can remember making chains and spirals when I was a little.  I took it up again in my late teens, bought a book of inspiring crochet and spent time practicing and working out how to do the stitches from the directions in the back.  When my children were young, I was really interested in lace and filet crochet and really admired the large, beautiful tablecloths.  I stuck mostly to smaller items myself, with an occasional blanket.

I gave up mostly because of carpal tunnel.  Pain and numbness really limited how much I could crochet, and I put away my hooks and didn’t crochet for many years.  Then one day, I felt a need for some cotton dishcloths and made some.  Hooked again!  But the pain and numbness returned very quickly.

Then I discovered ergonomic crochet hooks.  They are perfect!  No pain, no numbness.  I can crochet again (happy dance), without a problem (my favorites are Furls).

And my, how things have changed since I gave it up.  The internet is full of wonderful crochet and helpful tutorials.  Creative and innovative people have come up with new techniques and ways to do things.  There is so much new to learn, so many things to crochet, although I have a love of granny squares of all kinds.  I started this blog to share what I am working on and any ideas that I come up with that might be helpful or if not helpful, perhaps entertaining in some way.

Other random bits…

I live in New England.  Love vintage décor, my favorites are from the 30’s to 50’s.  I love to train my dogs, and I participate in AKC and CDSP Obedience and Rally Obedience competitions.  Long time sci-fi geek. Ordinary home décor that are chickens make me smile.


11 thoughts on “About

    1. I’m honored, and a bit overwhelmed as I don’t know I’ll be able to pass it along to enough blogs that haven’t already received it. Might take some time….

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    2. Just found your link I love it been looking for triangle pattern one I understand will be making blankets for cancer patient receiving treatment they are always cold thanks a millions


  1. Yes I know how you feel as you can see I don’t always manage to pass it on to a full fifteen. Decide a suitable number for yourself. If I had set these awards up I would have chosen five. I think it would work better that way. Of course nominating people is a way of advertising yourself to others so it has it’s plus points.:-)


  2. I had heard of a magic ring, but didn’t know what it was. By naming it by both titles (sliding and magic) I have closed that gap in my learning. Thank you. Also, your photographs plus your succinct directions and diagrams are so easy to follow. I am glad to find your blog. Many thanks. MM


  3. I love your site/blog, & your practical approach to things — such as how you sized the lovely (!!) Purple Ripple. My fave color, so it drew my attention immediately.
    I too mostly gave up crocheting (lace & filet & other thread crichet mostly) for carpel tunnel, now your ergonomic hooks story has me going internet shopping, as soon as I say THANK YOU!

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  4. Your blog is a delight! Will you please advise the brand of wooden crochet hook that you prefer? Thank you for all the great inspiration!


    1. I have a wooden Furl’s crochet hook, and also a bunch of their Odyssey hooks. I really love the wood ones, they are lighter weight.


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