GrannyHexagonI love Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts. I would love to crochet one someday. Right now, I am crocheting a different pattern in blanket size, but that doesn’t stop the creative thinking and doing a little something else is a needed break. This is my version of crocheted hexagons, maybe I will make a runner.

Granny Hexagons

note: I prefer to use a slide ring to start my crochet, and often start new colors with whatever stitch is needed rather than a slip stitch and chain. Please use whichever methods you prefer instead.

Round 1

  • Make a slide ring, in the ring:
  • Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 2 dc, ch 3
  • 3 dc, ch 3
  • continue {3 dc, ch 3} until you have a total of 6 ch 3 spaces and 6 3dc clusters
  • slpst in the top of the first ch 3

Round 2

  • Attach second color with a ch 3 or dc in any ch3 space
  • 2dc, ch3, 3dc
  • continue on {3dc, ch 3, 3dc} in each ch 3 space
  • slpst to top of first stitch or in top ch of the ch3

Round 3

  • Attach in any ch3 space with dc or ch3
  • dc, ch1, 2dc
  • 3dc in next space between
  • {2dc, ch1, 2c} in next ch3 space
  • continue around, with 3dc in each space between the corners, and 2dc, ch1, 2dc in each corner. Slpst to top of beginning stitch, end off.
click for larger image

29 thoughts on “Hexagon

  1. This is very well made! It is beautiful. Interestingly, you made an identical granny hex as this blogger: peasinapodclub.blogspot.com/2013/05/granny-hex.html.


    1. Thanks for the heads up. That blogger took my image for her blog (my post is dated much earlier than hers). I replaced that image with one with text on it, so that can’t be done as easily in the future. I don’t always remember to put text on all my images, this will remind me.


  2. Couldn’t you make more “rounds” and create a potholder or trivet with this? Love your blog and your email alerts. They are so carefully explained. Thanks again.


  3. Just curious…how many granny hexagons would you make to make a throw blanket. A pattern that I have says around 50 but I’m using your pattern so I’m wondering what you’d suggest. Thanks!


  4. I was wondering if you have a pattern to join these with a 4th round please? I would like a cream 4th Round to join but it’s not easy as I’m a beginner, thank you


      1. Thank you anyway, if you create one I would love to see it 🙂 I’ve made some of these now, will put them away until I can join them


      2. I think a join as you go would be a bit different than with squares, because you have extra points. But then, you would only need to do along a couple edges, so it should work fine. I stitched my hexagons together, so didn’t work it out.


  5. Such a cute little hexagon. Gonna give it a try. Do you have any tips for crocheting the ends in when you change colour as you go or do you sew them in at the end. The thoughts of sewing all those ends though!


    1. For something small like this, I think I would weave them in when I finished each hexagon. Might leave a long enough tail on the last round to sew the hex’s together, if that is how I wanted to join them.


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