Bright and Delightful Dishcloths

I so love these diamond dishcloths!  I made some up to give as gifts, and thought of this design with bright colored stripes and a different color for the hanging part.  I think I will have to make up some like these for myself too…


So many stripe variations are possible….festive holiday colors could be nice too, but these bright colors are going to be hard to beat for adding cheer!



5 thoughts on “Bright and Delightful Dishcloths

    1. The short answer, on the last stitch of the row I do pull up a loop with the old color, and the yarn over, pull through 2 loops with the new color. I like to crochet over the new yarn for a few stitches before the change, to help keep it in place (I do the same with the old color afterwards).


  1. I’m enjoying making the mitered dishcloths. I called myself making mitered blocks but it didn’t line up to whip stitch, oh well, we have coasters now.


    1. At the beginning of this post, there is a link to another post on my site, that other post includes a link to the pattern I used, which is on another site. A little round about.


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