Daisy Dishcloth

I love cotton dishcloths, I use them a lot since I travel back in time to 1950 every time I walk into my kitchen.  The only dishwasher able to pass through the time warp is me.

I love this Daisy Granny Square pattern @ Bunny Mummy.  I used that to make this dishcloth, changing it slightly by using a magic ring and making 3dc clusters instead of 4dc clusters and doing just one round of Robins egg around the flower.


I joined them as I went, then did one round of sc around the 4 squares in the Robins Egg, with 2sc, ch1,2sc in each corner.  The red edging is sc, sc, ch3 dropped picot (ch3, drop the loop off the hook, insert hook into front loop of the sc, pick up the loop and slpst), all around, with a ch8 instead of a picot in one corner to make a loop.

Since I bought some Bernat Handicrafter cotton in my favorite colors to make dishcloths, I now have enough yarn to make far more dishcloths than I will ever need, that yarn comes in huge skeins!  I suspect there will be more posts about dishcloths in the future, maybe in 1951 or thereabouts.


9 thoughts on “Daisy Dishcloth

  1. I love the colors, they are what I was going with in my kitchen so perfect. I have one quesiton. You say you went with 3 dc instead of 4 dc, where in her pattern is that? I have looked and looked but I must be missing it. Thanks so much for sharing, I still need to master that magic ring, it eludes me.


    1. Sorry I wasn’t so clear. It is in the puff stitch for the daisy petals. I did 3dctog for the puff stitch, where the pattern is 4dctog. So, one less yo, pull up a loop, yo pull through 2 loops, giving 4 loops on the hook when you finally pull through all of them for the puff, instead of 5.


      1. Thank you, that makes sense. I can’t wait to try this, I like that the yellow center shows more between the puff stitches in your version. Thanks again.


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