November Morning

I haven’t misplaced my calendar.  I fell in love with these earthy colors (see, I don’t only do bright colors ) and it all reminds me of November in New England.  Frost on the edges of brown leaves as you crunch through them in the woods.  Gray skies that smell a bit of snow.  The greys and dark colors of the bare trees, the rustle of leaves as a squirrel scurries away, scolding me and Zip for intruding.  Snuggling up with a cup of cinnamon coffee or hot chocolate.

Off centered granny square

I started this in the summer, when it was very hot and November weather seemed so far away.  This post has been sitting since then, as whenever I could take photos it was rainy and cloudy.  Today, it was a bit cloudy but I took some photos just the same.

I am not sure how I will arrange these off centered granny squares, but I really like them.  I wanted a quilt-y look with the hombre yarns being the patterned fabric.

These squares were made like the Mitered Granny Square, with a larger center square with a different color border, only 2 ‘half rounds’ that make the miter part, and then two rounds for the final border.

I can smell the leaves just looking at them.


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