Simple Little Hexagons

I got new furniture this year, and with it a new color scheme.  Fun to redecorate and long overdue! That means I need new throws (need them I tell you!).  I have always wanted to make a Grandmothers Flower Garden blanket and so I think one of the new throws will have to be in hexagons.  I haven’t decided what I am going to do, exactly, if it will be in the traditional flower garden  arrangement or some other pattern, other than it will be hexagons.

I don’t plan on starting to make it until the fall, or when I find yarn on sale in colors I want for it, so I have plenty of time to get ideas and try things out.  I couldn’t help but tinker with ideas for a small hexagon, and I wanted it to be smaller than my previous hexagons, just 2 rounds and came up with this one.  It is so simple that I am certain it is not original to me in any way, someone else must have done it this way before, probably many someone’s.  I like how it is textured, which was created by crocheting the second round in between the stitches.

These are pretty small, only two rounds.  These are only 2 3/4 inches across.


and here is one a little bigger, one more round…


Simple Little Hexagon

Using worsted weight and a size F-5 3.75 mm hook, these ended up about 2 3/4 inches across at the widest point.  They would come out a bit bigger using the recommended hook for the yarn.

In a sliding ring:

Rnd 1:  ch3, 11 dc in loop.  Slpst to top of ch3

Rnd 2:  slpst in the space between the ch3 of the previous rnd and the next st.  Ch5, dc in the same sp.  In the space between the next st, 2dc.  [dc, ch2, dc between next st, 2dc, between the next] 5x. Slpst to the 3rd ch of the beginning ch5.

That’s it!  You should have 6 sides of 4dc ea, and 6 “corners” of ch 2.  Easy, simple.


If you would like one a little bigger, here it is with another round added on….

Simple, Not As Little Hexagon

Add a third round to the Simple Little Hexagon’s first 2 rounds above…

Rnd 3:  slipst into the ch 5 space.  Ch6, dc in same sp.  [1 Dc in space between next 3 stitches, dc, ch3, dc in ch2 sp] 5x.  Dc in-between next 3 sts, slpst to 3rd ch of beginning ch6.



6 thoughts on “Simple Little Hexagons

  1. I love this pattern! I’m using it to make a temperature blanket (a hexi for each day, the color depends on that day’s temperature) and I was wondering if you have a pattern for a half hexi for the simple little hexagon? Thank you for this pattern!


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