Delightful Diamond Dishcloths

I had seen dishcloths and potholders like these before, there are quite a few variations of this general pattern.  Some are sc, some dc, the vintage potholders are often double thick (I will be making some of those soon!).  I think the general pattern has been around for some time, it is simple, easy to remember and practical.  The ones by Apple Blossom Dreams (it was a free pattern when I made these, now it is only available for purchase) really caught my eye, they were so pretty and colorful that I just had to make some of my own.


I only changed the loop part of the pattern, the rest is the same as Apple Blossom Dreams.  I used a sliding ring to start and I didn’t need a big loop since I hang mine on a hook, so I only sc’d (is that a word?) 14 times in the ring for my start.  The rest remains the same.  I used Bernat Handicrafter cotton with a F-5 (3.75 mm) hook.

Updated 9/8/13:  I forgot to mention, I do the first row through both loops of the stitch, then the remaining rows are through the back loop only.  I like how the hanging loop looks this way.

2nd update 9/8/13:  I also forgot to mention that I like to use a stitch marker in the center stitch that you do the 3sc’s into.  That way I don’t have to count or think about which one to do that in, makes them easy to do while watching TV or chatting.


I have to warn you, these are quite addictive!! I am not sure I am in love with the stripey ones, I like the stripes but it is oh so nice to do them in a solid color and not have to weave and weave and weave (added a bit later:  maybe the stripey ones need a flower too)!


I still felt that they needed a little prettifying, so I made some flowers.  I think it added just the right touch.  I wanted a flat flower, as I keep them in a drawer and wanted to be able to stack as many as possible.  This one worked quite well!  A bit of pretty to make doing the dishes less of a chore!



23 thoughts on “Delightful Diamond Dishcloths

  1. Beautiful! You are right they are addictive.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog and the good words. 🙂

    Oh and BTW I like that stripey one with the big block of white.


  2. Love these, now I am kicking myself for not buying up those big, fat skeins of bernat Handicrafter yarn that was on sale at JoAnns for $5 each when I was there yesterday. Rats! It is an hour away from me so making a special trip is not viable. I knew when I walked by them that I would regret it later but I kept thinking I have such a stash of yarn that I should not add to it despite it being a bargain.


  3. Hello,
    I wonder if you can tell me if I would be allowed to sell the finished product of these dishcloths at all, please? With full credit to you of course, in my Etsy shop listings?
    Thank you for your help?


      1. Sue, thank you for your reply – I wonder if I could ask if I would be able to use your flower pattern like you have used here? I think it goes lovely with Astri’s dishcloth pattern!


      2. Sure! I’m sure that flower isn’t original to me, it is pretty basic and probably the exact same thing is around elsewhere.


      1. Aw thank you so much! =D
        What name would you like me to list in the listing to give credit to you for giving me permission to sell them?


  4. It is like I read your mind! I made these without a pattern at hand so just fiddled away. But there came out great looking.

    I still need to start my own chrochet blog but I still need to find the time.

    Thanks for acknoliging my feelings about it!


    1. I think it is a popular pattern for dishcloths, the simple ones are always the best! You can just look at one and know how to make it. The little differences from one person to another just creates more fun!


    1. In the post are some links, one of which is to Apple Blossom Dream’s directions for her dishcloths, her pattern is what I based mine on.


  5. I just made your beautiful dishcloth! Thank you for sharing. I came back to your blog, but it appears to be stuck on “loading”. I’ll check back later! Thank you again!


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