Scarves for Gifts

I have been making a few scarfs for gifts too, here another Lotus Flower scarf with Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue.  They work up pretty quickly.


You can see the nearly complete circle I tinkered with for the beginning, it worked out pretty well.  I am also making one of these in a medium gray yarn, that has a bit of sparkle to it like the first one.  That one is going to be a gift for myself!


I made this spiral fringe scarf for my daughter, but then I heard her say she doesn’t wear scarves!  Oh, so sad, I will have to keep this soft, warm scarf for myself.  It does match a green winter jacket I have!


Wishing all wonderful, merry holidays!


Bright and Delightful Dishcloths

I so love these diamond dishcloths!  I made some up to give as gifts, and thought of this design with bright colored stripes and a different color for the hanging part.  I think I will have to make up some like these for myself too…


So many stripe variations are possible….festive holiday colors could be nice too, but these bright colors are going to be hard to beat for adding cheer!


Delightful Diamond Dishcloths

I had seen dishcloths and potholders like these before, there are quite a few variations of this general pattern.  Some are sc, some dc, the vintage potholders are often double thick (I will be making some of those soon!).  I think the general pattern has been around for some time, it is simple, easy to remember and practical.  The ones by Apple Blossom Dreams (it was a free pattern when I made these, now it is only available for purchase) really caught my eye, they were so pretty and colorful that I just had to make some of my own.


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Sliding Ring in Photos

Some have asked for directions on how to do a sliding loop, perhaps because I keep mentioning starting with one : )   There is more than one way to do these.  I have tried several ways from various directions on the web and in books, and this is the one I like the best and find easiest to do. That’s just me, you may find a different way easier.

Here we go….


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New Blanket for New Baby

I am expecting my first grandchild, and have started the first baby blanket. I love the colors (the photo isn’t quite right, the light aqua is lighter, the light pink is peachier, the yellow nicer, the bright pink less purple-y, at least as it looks on my computer).  These are a few Vanna’s Choice (the darker Aqua and the lighter pink) and the rest are Vanna’s Choice Baby.

This is a combination of a regular granny square and my mitered granny, to make one large square blanket.  I really like how it is turning out so far, like a modern log cabin in a way.

Since receiving and crib blankets are small, I hope to do more than one blanket in these colors.  (and then there are all the other cute baby things to crochet!)


Granny Hearts

I got the idea to make a granny heart, I am not sure why, but once I did it wouldn’t leave my head.  It has been percolating in there for a while.  I figured I should just do it and get it out of there and unclutter my mind, and here is the result.

Update!  Key to what each symbol means is now included in the diagram.


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First Freeform Crochet

When I first saw freeform crochet, I fell in love with it.  I love the asymmetrical look, the wide variations of color and pattern and the let you imagination go aspect of it.  I had no idea how they did that!

So, I finally just did it, grabbed some of the cotton yarn I was using for dishcloths and just started thinking the worst that could happen is I wasted a bit of time…

What is it? I do not know; I think I will use it as a hot pad

It was so much fun to do!  There is no pattern, no do this x number of times, you just do what you feel like.  Somewhat modern looking, somewhat folk art looking and just fun : )  My mind is already busy thinking and plotting…so many possibilities.  I am definitely going to try more of this!

Making Plarn

mrsbeata commented on A Better Granny Rectangle post and kindly shared a link to a video on YouTube showing how to cut plastic bags into yarn (plastic + yarn = plarn).  I had wanted to make some grocery totes out of plarn, but thought it might be too much work, but maybe not!  Another thing on my ever growing “to make” list : )

Here is the video, or you can go to YouTube to see it there (and thank them for making a video showing how easy it is!).