Cutest Cat Toy

I ran across this little cat toy, Jingle Bell Mouse on Ravelry and just had to share.

Jingle Bell Mouse by The Yarn & Hook

The pattern is available at The Yarn & Hook.  Great little scrap project, and I think my daughters cats would love these.  They would also be a cute little gift for the mouse lover, with or without the jingling.  Can’t wait to make some!


Sampler Stripe Blanket

These kinds of blankets are so interesting to look at, and would be so interesting to make!  No getting bored with doing the same stitch over and over.  This one at HaakmaarRaak! is especially beautiful I think, very neatly done and the use of gray really sets off the colors… Maybe a sampler should be my next blanket (at least until I see the next beautiful crochet blanket on the internet!)

Sampler Blanket at HaakmaarRaak!


Eloise Baby Sweater

Nearly finished, just have to get some buttons and sew them on!


I hope my daughter likes it as much as I do.  The pattern can be found on Ravelry:  Eloise Baby Sweater.

The adjustments I made that are different from the pattern (notes to myself really : )

  • G hook
  • ch 40 to start
  • for the bit of scallop on the bottom, dc in same space as the turning ch3.  Do not dc in the ch3 to avoid increasing.
  • did 8 slpst, 8sc, 8hdc, 11dc for the pleats
  • Pleats in back loop only for the first row, second row through both loops
  • was 16 color pleats (2T size for how many stitches for top part) but since I used a smaller hook/gauge the measurements worked out for 6 months
  • extra row of dc on the top
  • used the sizing guides at Craft Yarn Council to make sure it measured correctly