Creative Mitered Granny Blanket

On a Polish blog, Basia w krainie robótek, a talented crocheter has made this lovely blanket.  Another way of assembling mitered squares, with striking results!

photo from the blog:

Adorable Easy Crochet Bunny

There is so much crochet goodness on the web, as well as wonderfully talented and generous people who share their creations with full tutorials!  Like this incredibly cute little crochet bunny at The Green Dragonfly!  It will be hard to resist making up a bunch of these cuties!

Easy Crochet Bunny at The Green Dragonfly

672 Squares

I wish I had made this…


But I didn’t.  This stunning granny square blanket was made by Sandra’s Cherry Heart.  672 small grannies.  Oh, how I want one!   I so love the colors!  I am overwhelmed at just the thought of all those squares, the sheer number of them!  And yet the itch to make is strong, they are such little squares, little squares go fast….

So many beautiful things to crochet, so little time!

Beauty in Simplicity

Thought I would start to share some of the beautiful crochet I run across on the web, usually on Pinterest.  It is so inspiring to see what gorgeous things others have made.  This one is from the blog lana verderosa, a simple granny blanket with beautiful colors and design….I think this is going on my (only in my mind) ‘to make list’.  There is no pattern or directions, just this image to inspire.


Maybe I should make an actual list, might remember some of these things and  make them. Oh, I can add a ‘want to make’ tag which will create a list here!

Crochet In Progress

These are pictures of a couple of things I am working on right now.

Some granny squares in my latest favorite colors…

These are being joined together to make a table topper for the very table I took the pictures on. I don’t know what I am going to do for the border yet, maybe a shell/scallop edge.

And my other big project, a mitered crochet blanket.  I have quite a way still to go on this, but I really like how it is coming out.  A bit blurry photo, but it gives you a straight on view.  I plan on writing the pattern for this granny square in the not too distant future.


the directions are here