Crochet In Progress

These are pictures of a couple of things I am working on right now.

Some granny squares in my latest favorite colors…

These are being joined together to make a table topper for the very table I took the pictures on. I don’t know what I am going to do for the border yet, maybe a shell/scallop edge.

And my other big project, a mitered crochet blanket.  I have quite a way still to go on this, but I really like how it is coming out.  A bit blurry photo, but it gives you a straight on view.  I plan on writing the pattern for this granny square in the not too distant future.


the directions are here


8 thoughts on “Crochet In Progress

  1. I look forward to reading the pattern on how to crochet the mitered crochet blanket!
    It looks wonderful – a nice take on the original granny squares. Is it simple enough to do?

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    1. Yes, the mitered granny is pretty simple to do. I am just about finished with my other projects, and then I will be back to working on the blanket and writing that pattern! I needed the break from the many, many squares I still have to go : )


  2. I have looked at all of the links and read everything written and I still cannot find the instructions for what to do with the loose ends for each color change. Please just tell me. I will be sewing them all in until then. I hope that is the right method.


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