My mouse stopped working.  lI figured it was time to get a new one, as new batteries did not help. Then, I tried to load some pictures from my camera, and it tells me it doesn’t recognize the device.  It knew it before!

Tried putting my mouse back, and it doesn’t recognize it either.  Clearly not my mouse, must be my usb ports are messed up somehow, or some other mssterious techinical thing.  I tried both of them with the same result.  I have no idea, and am not going to keep trying things and getting more frustrated.

The frustration will still continue, I hate using the touchpad on my laptop, my photos are trapped in my camera!  So, arggghhh!


A searched the web for the error I was getting and found a real simple solution…that actually worked!  My photos have been set free from my camera and mouse works again, hurray!


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