A while back I bought one of the new Furl’s Odyssey crochet hooks.  I am hooked!  I can crochet for hours and hours with no more aching hand!  So I splurged and bought one in every size they had (I will get the B, C and D when they have them in stock).  Although they are much more expensive than the aluminum hooks you can buy anywhere, I need them so I can crochet pain free. Maybe someday I will really splurge and buy one of their beautiful heirloom wood hooks!


I came up with a solution to the hooks not having the size marked on them in any way (Furl’s, you need to do something about that!).  I got a white paint pen and wrote the size on the ends, which worked nicely.  The paint pen gives you some time to wipe it off and redo, which I needed because neatly writing on that slippery, tiny end wasn’t easy.  Let them dry and they were good to go.

The bag you see behind them is a bit of a splurge too.  I needed something to keep the hooks in, and they wouldn’t fit in any case I already had.  This is a Vera Bradley Double Zip Cosmetic (got it on sale) and it is working perfectly!  The larger side fits all my hooks, with room for a few more and the smaller side has plenty of room to hold notions, scissors and other needful things. Although the hooks are just loose in there instead of each having their own individual slot, at least they are all together in one place and not getting lost.  The cosmetic bag comes in a few other patterns too.

I have no affiliation with Furls or Vera Bradley and get nothing from these links, just love them!


Changing Scenery

You may have noticed, I am trying out a new blog theme. This one is pretty, I like the colors and the hidden sidebar (all the sidebar info can be toggled on with the icon on the left) so I decided to live with it a bit and see if I really like it.

Things will have moved about and be a bit disorganized until I get settled, or until I decide if this one is staying.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the theme, love it, hate it or just meh.

2013 in Pictures

Happy New Year!  A peek at last year while I look forward to what the new year will bring.

First Freeform Crochet

When I first saw freeform crochet, I fell in love with it.  I love the asymmetrical look, the wide variations of color and pattern and the let you imagination go aspect of it.  I had no idea how they did that!

So, I finally just did it, grabbed some of the cotton yarn I was using for dishcloths and just started thinking the worst that could happen is I wasted a bit of time…

What is it? I do not know; I think I will use it as a hot pad

It was so much fun to do!  There is no pattern, no do this x number of times, you just do what you feel like.  Somewhat modern looking, somewhat folk art looking and just fun : )  My mind is already busy thinking and plotting…so many possibilities.  I am definitely going to try more of this!

Making Plarn

mrsbeata commented on A Better Granny Rectangle post and kindly shared a link to a video on YouTube showing how to cut plastic bags into yarn (plastic + yarn = plarn).  I had wanted to make some grocery totes out of plarn, but thought it might be too much work, but maybe not!  Another thing on my ever growing “to make” list : )

Here is the video, or you can go to YouTube to see it there (and thank them for making a video showing how easy it is!).