Double Crochet with No Turning Chain

This is an interesting crochet technique, will have to give this a try!  By TXCr1cket on YouTube, there are other videos you may want to watch there too, including the same technique done in the round.

5 thoughts on “Double Crochet with No Turning Chain

  1. I am simply overjoyed to find this!! I am a beginner crocheter, have been STUCK for about a year now. I thought I wasn’t practising enough, turning wrong, my rows were mostly, but not always uneven! I just started a new blog about being creative. I love to craft, I sew, make beaded jewelry, crochet…I just learned the no turning chain concept for the sc and now, here, for the dc. I cannot thank you enough!!! I can continue to move forward now, Thank you so much!!


    1. Glad to hear it is working for you. I tried it, and found that my regular ch3 turn worked better. I think I might like it for working in rounds, as the ch’s line up in that and is more noticiable. Will have to compare.

      I used to have gaps with the turning ch’s in rows, but found I was doing it wrong. Wasn’t turning my work in the proper direction, which twists the chain making it stick out more. I still have to watch myself, as I naturally want to turn the wrong way. Also have to watch and make sure to attach the stitch through 2 loops of the top of the turning chain, too easy to go fast and miss one, leaving a hole.


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