Eloise Baby Sweater

Nearly finished, just have to get some buttons and sew them on!


I hope my daughter likes it as much as I do.  The pattern can be found on Ravelry:  Eloise Baby Sweater.

The adjustments I made that are different from the pattern (notes to myself really : )

  • G hook
  • ch 40 to start
  • for the bit of scallop on the bottom, dc in same space as the turning ch3.  Do not dc in the ch3 to avoid increasing.
  • did 8 slpst, 8sc, 8hdc, 11dc for the pleats
  • Pleats in back loop only for the first row, second row through both loops
  • was 16 color pleats (2T size for how many stitches for top part) but since I used a smaller hook/gauge the measurements worked out for 6 months
  • extra row of dc on the top
  • used the sizing guides at Craft Yarn Council to make sure it measured correctly

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