Baby Blanket Border and Ta Da!

It’s done!!  I decided to stick with simple for the border on my Hop, Skip and Jump baby blanket.  Rounds of single crochet randomly in the colors of the blanket.  I like how it looks and I like the different texture.


If I had to do it again (or had more time to re-do the border) I would do the border with a size or two larger hook than I used for the body of the blanket.  I didn’t tighten my tension, but the border turned out denser than I would prefer, it would work best if a bit looser.

close up of border

But, I was down to the wire!  Baby shower is tomorrow and I just weaved in my last end this morning!


7 thoughts on “Baby Blanket Border and Ta Da!

    1. I haven’t written a pattern for it. It is a combination of a typical granny square and my mitered granny square. In other words, I made it like a regular granny square, and then randomly I only went along two sides instead of all the way around : )


  1. I love the way you’ve made this. The colours are lovely, and the random pieces of the mitre pattern really give it an unusual slant – I’ve no doubt whoever receives it will be over the moon 🙂


    1. I’m so glad other people like it too! I was a little worried that the unconventional look to it might not go over well. Pretty colors always help.


      1. I do love bright colours 🙂

        It’s something I have to watch, on occasion, as there are only so many coverlets I can fit into my home without them clashing badly with each other! Lol

        Your blanket would definitely have pride of place in my home, though! 🙂


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