Good and Evil Granny Square

Isn’t this a beautiful design?  Wonderful variation of granny squares.

This blanket caught my eye on Ravelry, you may need to join to view the information there (it is free to join, and Ravelry is a great resource if you aren’t already a member).  If you prefer, go directly to DD Hines blog for the Good and Evil Granny square pattern.


7 thoughts on “Good and Evil Granny Square

    1. Do you mean the video ads? On my laptop, they only play if I click on them. Or do you mean something else? Those are the only ads that I see.


  1. Hi again! There are 4 small ads with photos underneath your text. One is for weight loss, another is about Hollywood stars, yet another is on changing your financial life and the fourth is titled “the new male Beyoncé!” When I checked in last to leave my first message, the ads were different and there was a ball that was moving in one of them! Perhaps they are normal with your new blog page and you get paid to put them there? I notice more and more blogs taking on paying ads now and I do find it distracting and a pity to the overall look of things. I hope this is helpful!


  2. I’ve been looking everywhere for a video to show how to make this blanket. I’m a beginner crocheter, but desperately want to make this blanket foe my husband. I commented on the ladys website, and haven’t gotten a reply, so I’m trying everywhere I can. Please help!


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