Grandmother’s Flower Garden Throw Started

Most people would choose to do a Grandmother’s Flower Garden throw in the beautiful colors that flowers typically come in.  I love those colorful throws and blankets,  but I also wanted to coordinate with my neutral living room décor.  So I had to go a different way.

Zip had to get in the picture.

Zip had to get in the picture.

I found Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn on sale, and I liked the neutral colors they had.  They go very well with the colors of my sofa and pillows, and match one of my dogs perfectly!

I have no idea how dog hair gets into my crochet!

I have no idea how dog hair gets into my crochet!

The colors I chose:  Burgundy, Aran, Heather, Soft Taupe, Chocolate, Fern, Forest and Deep Forest.  I also picked up some Red Heart Soft in Toast, because the color was just right and they didn’t have something close to it in Impeccable.

Started - still a long way to go.

Started – still a long way to go.

I am arranging the flowers and green background in a unstructured style, spacing and placing wherever my whims take me.

Using an H – 5, 5.00 mm hook with the Impeccable and an I hook with the Red Heart (the recommended hook sizes for those yarns).  I did some slight tweaks to my Simple Little Hexagons that I made before.  The only changes is that I sc instead of slpst into the space to start the round.  I think a sc, ch looks more like a dc and sometimes just seems to work better for me.  A new diagram to help clarify what I mean…

Hexagon Diagram

I am sewing the motifs together, through the back loops only, and weaving in ends as soon as they are done, the thought of a pile of those with all that sewing and weaving is enough to make me want to give it up right now!  This way means I have to be sure I like it, no going back (or not so easy to go back).  I did the first bits without weaving in at first, so I could see it and take it apart if I didn’t like it.

I used approximately the following length tails to sew and weave (a generous amount for me)…

To sew
1 side:  8 or 9″
2 sides:  11″
3 sides:  14″
4 sides: 15″
5 sides:  16″

Changing Scenery

You may have noticed, I am trying out a new blog theme. This one is pretty, I like the colors and the hidden sidebar (all the sidebar info can be toggled on with the icon on the left) so I decided to live with it a bit and see if I really like it.

Things will have moved about and be a bit disorganized until I get settled, or until I decide if this one is staying.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the theme, love it, hate it or just meh.

Simple Little Hexagons

I got new furniture this year, and with it a new color scheme.  Fun to redecorate and long overdue! That means I need new throws (need them I tell you!).  I have always wanted to make a Grandmothers Flower Garden blanket and so I think one of the new throws will have to be in hexagons.  I haven’t decided what I am going to do, exactly, if it will be in the traditional flower garden  arrangement or some other pattern, other than it will be hexagons.

I don’t plan on starting to make it until the fall, or when I find yarn on sale in colors I want for it, so I have plenty of time to get ideas and try things out.  I couldn’t help but tinker with ideas for a small hexagon, and I wanted it to be smaller than my previous hexagons, just 2 rounds and came up with this one.  It is so simple that I am certain it is not original to me in any way, someone else must have done it this way before, probably many someone’s.  I like how it is textured, which was created by crocheting the second round in between the stitches.

These are pretty small, only two rounds.  These are only 2 3/4 inches across.


and here is one a little bigger, one more round… Continue reading