Gray Area Log Cabin Blanket

Almost done, just need to weave in the ends for the gray border and multi-colored edging.  It was too cold outside for me to want to take any photos out there (in the teens for the high and windy!), so I had to take them next to the sunny kitchen window.  Not room enough for a full view.


I made 20 of the log cabin granny squares, and then did 2 rounds in gray around each square, joining them join as you go in the last round.  After joining the squares, I went around the whole blanket with 4 rounds of gray.  Then I did 1 round in gray of single crochet, crocheting into the chains on each corner space, with 3 sc in the center chain (not in the chain 3 space, in the individual chain stitches).


Then I did 1 sc round changing colors as I went so I had some of each color.  I didn’t end off when I changed colors, which was a bit of a pain to have all those attached, but I could pick them back up when I did my final round of reverse single crochet (also called crab stitch).  I like the kind of edge that stitch makes, it looks nice and finished.  Here is a closer look at the edging (front and back)…



30 thoughts on “Gray Area Log Cabin Blanket

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Is there a free pattern available? I would love to make one for my 20 year old grandson. Thanks


  2. Your blanket is looking beautiful. Really like the changing of colors surrounded by grey and the different colors in the border. All the combinations really make it POP !


  3. This is just gorgeous. Such an amazing effect. I have been working on a mitered (sp?) Granny square afghan and I think I just found my next project…lol so beautiful I can’t get over it. I have never seen anything like this.


  4. Hi Sue, It is amazing what you find when you go on a web search, clicking on blogs others follow. I am so glad I found yours. This log cabin is lovely, thanks for the inspiration. I may well try, I have almost finished a single blanket in Attic24 ripple using Planet Penny cotton yarn. I like this as you can do panels before you put it all together.


  5. I can’t wait to try this but I am going to continue in your pattern to make a blanket one piece.
    Beautiful and such a challenge to me. Thank you. God bless


  6. On your Log Cabin Square post it says that the link to here also includes estimates of the yarn used but I don’t see that on this post. How big did the afghan end up being and how much yarn did you use?
    I love making afghans in the winter as it is always cold here in Canada and I don’t handle the cold well so am inside most of the time. I have plans to make this one and the Mitered Granny Square one too.


    1. Drat, I linked to the wrong post. I corrected it, and added a link to the post that actually has the estimate. It is just an estimate, because I used leftover yarn from another project


  7. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I also used this Log Cabin pattern 3 yrs ago, made a continuous full size quilt, also used reverse sc for edging, AND also made it with Vanna’s Choice colors! Now I must try your gorgeous granny squares! Thanks.


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