Granny Hearts

I got the idea to make a granny heart, I am not sure why, but once I did it wouldn’t leave my head.  It has been percolating in there for a while.  I figured I should just do it and get it out of there and unclutter my mind, and here is the result.

Update!  Key to what each symbol means is now included in the diagram.


I felt that the large one needs a few more trc, so I added a couple more on the diagram. (I also think the large one looks nicer without the ch3 in the middle of the triple crochets, more like the small one).


And here are the diagrams for making them.




14 thoughts on “Granny Hearts

  1. I love these granny hearts! In fact I like anything with granny crochet designs. Thank you for sharing your pattern!
    I’ve just done one of your flower hexagons and it’s just lovely


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    1. So sorry, I should have included the key with the diagram, I keep forgetting that! I’ll put one up soon! (the solid dots are slip stitches)


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