First Baby Sweater

I thought this pattern for the Eloise sweater I saw on Ravelry was just adorable, so I had to try it for the granddaughter we are expecting in a few months.  I haven’t done a baby sweater in close to 30 years, this is fun!  I hope it will turn out nice.


The gray looks darker in the picture than in real life although it is still pretty dark (which didn’t look as dark in the store compared to the other, darker grays.) .  It is a pretty gray in real life, Vanna’s Choice Charcoal Gray, to go with the left over bright colors in Vanna’s Choice I had from the baby blanket I am making (which just needs edging, if I can decide what to do for that : )

I have already made a few modifications, using a smaller G hook (and therefore smaller gauge) so I have to figure out how many more stitches I need for it to come out the right size (I think I am ok so far : )  I have added a stitch on the bottom edge to make it a bit scalloped, which I like.  I am doing the second edge of the colored ‘pleats’ through both loops instead of through the back loop only, which makes them look a bit less pleated, but results in a bit smoother triangle shape.

I have thoughts of a headband with a flower to go with….