A Little Flower

A seven petal flower.  Why 7?  I don’t know, it made me happy.

What you need

Size 7 (4.5mm) hook
Bits and scraps of yarn, I used acrylic worsted weight

How to go about it

Round 1

  • Make a slide ring, pull through a loop, ch1, {sc, ch1} 7 times in loop. or ch4, in 3rd ch from hook {sc, ch1} 7 times.
  • Slpst in top of sc, end off.

Round 2

  • Add second color with a slpst in one of the chain 1 spaces. In the same space, ch 2, 2hdc, ch 2, slpst.
  • In the next ch 1 space, {slpst, ch 2, 2hdc, ch 2, slpst}, repeat around in each ch1 space.
  • Slpst into ch 1 space of your first petal, end off. Weave in the ends
7 Petal Flower


What you need

Size G (4.00 mm) crochet hook
A bit of green worsted weight yarn

A little leaf

  • Ch 6, slpst in second chain from hook
  • Sc in next chain
  • Hdc in next ch
  • Sc in the next
  • Slpst in next, you should now be at the end of your base chain, ch 1
  • Now, on the other side of the base chain, in the same stitches you already crocheted in, slpst in the same stitch you are in
  • Sc in next stitch
  • Hdc in the next
  • Sc in next
  • Slpst in next again
  • Slpst to the beginning stitch and end off, leaving a 6 – 8 inch tail to stitch with.
  • Using the tail, do some straight stitch through the center chain, giving a center vein to your leaf.  You could also do this in another shade of green to fancy it up a bit.

An even littler leaf

  • Ch 4
  • Slpst in 2nd ch from hook
  • 2 sc hdc in next ch (proofreader isn’t doing their job : )
  • Slpst in last chain, ch 1
  • On other side of base chain, slpst in the same stitch you are in
  • 2 sc hdc in next
  • slpst in last, slpst into first slpst and end off