Granny Rectangle Throw

You can’t make just one…


The colors are brighter than in the photos, nice rich fall colors. I think the solid center one is my favorite, today at least…


These work up pretty quickly, and are easy to make.  I am tempted to make them in different seasonal and holiday colors to change out as the mood strikes me.  Can’t have too many soft, snuggly throws!  I finished these just in time, as I just saw a little snow shower outside!

The Yarn

Loops and Threads Impeccable
These are 4.5 ounce skeins (268 yards) of medium weight (4) acrylic yarn.

For the solid colored center throw:

  • 5 balls chocolate
  • 1 ball Butterscotch
  • 1 ball Pumpkin
  • 1 ball Cherry
  • 1 ball Claret
  • 1 ball Soft Fern
  • 1 balls Fern
  • 1 ball Forest

Used size H hook (the recommended size for this yarn).

The throw measures about 48 x 53, unblocked, just smoothed out with my hands.
If you want a throw that is more than just 5 inches longer than wide, you can increase the foundation length by multiples of 3 chains.  What the foundation measures in length will be the approximate difference between the length and width, in other words if the foundation measures 10″, then the rectangle will be about 10″ longer than wide (at least it has for me so far : )  Each additional chain 3 adds 1 more 3dc cluster and almost 1″ in length (in the yarn and H hook I used for this throw).  You will most likely need more yarn for the main center color if you make it longer, I had very little of the main color left.

The Pattern

This is done the same as A Better Granny Rectangle, (which gives more details and a diagram on the beginnings).

The Foundation
Ch 21.
3dc in the 6th ch from the hook.  Go through the top loop and back ridge of the chains.
[Skip 2 ch, 3dc in the next ch] 4X
1 dc in the last ch.  Do not turn, do not end off.

Round 1
Ch 3 (counts as a stitch, this is the first stitch of this round).
In the end space between the dc and 3dc of the foundation: 2dc, ch 3, 3dc, ch3, 3dc.  (2 ch3 corners made).
[3dc in the next space between the 3dc clusters of the foundation (not into the chains)] 4X
In the ch5 space on the end:  3dc, ch3, 3dc, ch3, 3dc.  (2 ch3 corners made).
[3dc in the spaces between the 3dc clusters] 4X.  Slpst into the top ch of the beginning ch 3 (going through the top loop and back ridge of the ch).  Do not end off.

Round 2
Ch3. (counts as a stitch, this the last stitch of this round)
3dc, ch3, 3dc in the corner ch3 sp
3dc, ch3, 3dc in the next corner ch3 sp
[3dc in the sp between the 3dc clusters of the previous round] 5X
[3dc, ch3, 3dc in the corner ch3 space] 2X
[3dc in the sp between the 3dc clusters of the previous round] 4X
In the last sp: 2dc, slpst to the top ch of the starting ch3.

Continue on repeating Rounds 1 & 2 for 39 total rounds (not counting the foundation).  Slpst to the top of the beginning ch3 and end off, leaving a 7″ or so tail for weaving in the end.


The multi-colored border

Round 1
With the right side facing:  attach a new color with a standing dc in the back loop only (blo) of any dc (make sure to leave a long enough starting tail for weaving in).
Dc in the blo of each stitch around.
In the corner ch3 spaces:  2dc, ch3, 2dc.
Slpst to the top of the first stitch.  End off, leaving a tail for weaving in.

Rounds 2 – 10
Repeat Round 1 for each new color.  Vary which side of the throw you begin each round.

Round 11
Attach the color used for the center with a standing sc through both loops of any dc.  Sc through both loops in each dc around.  5sc in each ch3 corner space.  Slpst to the beginning sc and end off, leaving a tail to weave in.

Weave in all your ends.

*attaching a new skein:  I do this the same way I would change colors.  When you near the end of the skein, line up the end of the new skein (leaving a 6″ tail) and stitch over it with the first stitch of a cluster.  Then, do the second dc of the cluster, but don’t complete the last yo & pull though of this stitch.  Take up the yarn of the new skein and complete the stitch.  Then, stitch over the old skein tail with the last stitch of the 3dc cluster (stitching over it just helps hold it in place until you thoroughly weave in your ends).

For the Multi-Colored Center Throw

  • 1 ball Butterscotch (the yellow)
  • 1 ball Pumpkin
  • 1 ball Cherry
  • 1 ball Claret
  • 1 ball Soft Fern
  • 1 ball Fern
  • 1 ball Forest
  • 2 balls Chocolate

You would make this the same as for the solid colored throw, except that you would slpst and end off at the end of each round, and then attach a new color (I used a standing stitch) to start the next round.  Attach the new color on a different side each round, so they are spread around to make it less noticeable.

With right side facing, attach a new color in the space between the clusters of 3dc with a standing stitch.

The Solid Border

Round 1
Attach the dark brown in the space between any cluster.  Go around as in the body, making 3dc in-between each cluster of 3dc of the previous round.  Slpst to first st, DO NOT END OFF.  Ch3 (counts as first stitch).

Round 2 – 4
Dc in each dc of the previous round.  In each of the ch3 corner spaces; 2dc, ch3, 2dc.  Slpst through 2 loops of the top ch of the beginning ch3.  Do not end off.  Ch3.

Round 5
Repeat round 2.  Slpst to top of ch3.  Ch1.

Round 6
Sc in same space as the slpst.  Sc in each stitch around.  In each ch3 corner; 5sc.  Slpst to top of 1st sc of this round.  End off.  Weave in all those ends.

Phew! I hope I didn’t forget something or make a mistake!

On 10/19/15 to correct an error in the multi-colored border directions.


23 thoughts on “Granny Rectangle Throw

  1. Thank you. I have always wanted to make a rectangle granny, but I just couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Love the colors.


      1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful fall granny square blanket. It’s so amazing. I can’t wait to get started on it. Portia Roberson


  2. You are correct (as you know !), the colors here are superb. I’d like to just lay it across the couch and sit on the other side to admire … fiber art.


    1. I’m a granny square blanket maker myself being making theam since I was 14. I’m 53 now fixing to turn 54. I’m going make the solid one with the chocolate in the middle. I love these blanket’s. Can wait


      1. On the solid one how many rows of the chocolate do I put. And on the border what color goes first. Will share my finished granny when done. Mrs,portia,Roberson


      2. How many rounds of chocolate I did is there in the directions. If you look closely at the photo you can make out what order I used the colors. The darkest green was first.


  3. Hello! I loved this pattern so much for the colors that I printed it today and purchased the yarn. Then I realized that the color pattern is not there. Could you give me and idea of the color orders for the rows because I really want mine to look like the one in the picture. The multi-colored one.
    Thanks you so much.


  4. I’m fifty four and have been crocheting since age six, I’ve always wanted to make the rectangle granny and after seeing your pattern.. Well I’m making it finally. Thank you for your wonderfully detailed pattern.


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