Mitered Granny Square Diagram

UPDATE 1/21/17: I have a new version, Mitered Granny Square 2.1 which is a diagram for a mitered square with ch2 corners and ch1 in between the 3dc clusters that you may want to check out.

To help understand how to do the Mitered Granny Square, here is a diagram.  The diagram only shows the first part of mitering to get you started, it should be easy to extend it to additional rows as needed.  The border is included.

27 thoughts on “Mitered Granny Square Diagram

    1. Very nice! It is nice to see what people have done, I get to see what nice colors people choose and also that my directions were clear : )


  1. Diagrams are so helpful. Clear photos are too, but diagrams are still clearer. I will have to make the effort in the future to include a diagram right from the start (I wish they were easier to make 🙂


  2. muy buena tu explicación y mejor aún con el diagrama,muchas gracias por compartir tan precioso arte,saludos desde la provincia del Chaco,Argentina


    1. You saw correctly, I don’t ch1 between the 3dc’s. It works out for me just fine. If the ch1 is how you prefer to do, feel free to do it that way : )


  3. Hi, is there a YouTube video tutorial for this please? I really like this pattern and would like to try to make it but I am a real beginner and find it difficult to read a pattern. I taught myself how to crochet a few weeks ago using YouTube and I find that a great way to learn. Thank you 🙂


    1. I don’t have plans for making any videos. What might help is to find a video on a basic granny square, the miter is just a variation of that.


  4. Hi I am about to learn how to crochet from a diagram. I’ll be back in 2 months to let you know how I go (currently have arm in a sling for another 5 weeks after shoulder surgery) so I am pattern hunting


  5. Who created this website? This is brilliant. I used it for a science fair project, because I found myself making a blanket consisting of two colors. However, I need to cite it. Can someone help me?


  6. Thank you so very much because i all way’s wanted to fine a granny square that i really like so thank’s


  7. What a beautiful blanket. I am trying to make a smaller version, in pink and grey, and a lavender border. Not too sure how to join them yet, and have edged all round just one, as i think I saw that you only do 2 sides but center one all round.I cannot find the photos you put up of joining the squares, any idea, Please.
    Enjoyed your granny squares. Thank you.


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